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River City Bank Video Transcript

{Jim Tilton, Founder, Tilton Pacific Construction}

Jim: River City Bank provides a valuable asset to Tilton Pacific Construction. We’re very relationship-oriented, and the fact that we have a relationship with River City Bank, and that they handle our account, and help and guide us in the development of our financial strength, enables us to get larger and larger jobs. And, we continue to grow since we’ve been with River City Bank.

{Dale Carlsen, CEO, Bunker Wilson LLC and Ticket to Dream Foundation}

Dale: In the business world today, it’s often non-personal and to have a local bank that has somebody right here that I can sit down face to face with is very important to us. The ability to have personalized service through the bankers at River City Bank has allowed us to make the business decisions we need to make in a timely manner and achieve the goals that we’re reaching for.

{Linda Cutler, CEO, Sacramento Region Community Foundation}

Linda: We chose to bank with River City Bank because it was a natural partnership. We are a local organization focused on philanthropy. River City Bank is one of the few local banks also focused on philanthropy, so it just seemed like a perfect partnership.

{Charice Huntley, SVP/Business Relationship Manager, River City Bank}

Charice: Because we focus on the client relationship first, we’re always motivated to dig in and learn the particulars of each client’s industry. This enables us to customize our offerings to the exact needs and goals of every client, and allows us to adapt as those needs change over time.

{Steve Fleming, President & CEO, River City Bank}

Steve: We are intensely client-focused, and that means ensuring that we are hiring the best and brightest employees. Our relationship managers not only provide superior service but they are industry experts. They understand the complexity of an industry and what makes each client, within a sector, unique.

The Sacramento market is growing and strong, and we are continuing to expand our footprint in the Bay Area with offices in Walnut Creek and San Francisco. Our size and strength have allowed us to be nimble and competitive, and I don’t see that changing in the future.

River City Bank
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