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Go Big with Your Vision. Go Local with Your Commercial Banking Partner.

Our Commercial Banking experts are your go-to resource when it’s time to make financial decisions that impact the direction of your business. They’re ready to share their knowledge and extensive community connections so you can choose with confidence.

We’re Business Matchmakers—Your Link to the Best People and Practices.

Your dedicated Relationship Manager assembles a team of experts from within the bank and connects you to our extensive community network—and a range of opportunities. The ultimate goal: successful outcomes for your business.

Relationship Managers go above and beyond by:

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    Digging deep to fully understand your business and its unique needs.

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    Managing relationships with subject-matter experts within River City Bank on your behalf.

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    Introducing you to a network of community experts with the best insights and advice.

What to Expect When You Meet Us.

No two businesses are alike, so we want to hear what makes yours tick. Here are a few examples of the kinds of questions we'll ask in order to provide the most relevant solutions for your banking needs.

Deposit Services

Help us understand your business infrastructure. How could we best structure accounts to suit your needs?

Cash Management

Efficiency, risk management, and security are all critical. We're here to help you fill in the gaps. What keeps you up at night regarding your cash flow process?


During the information-gathering phase we’ll want to know: what will it take to meet your financing expectations?

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Spark New Ideas and Apply Our Solutions to Bring Them to Life.

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Cash Management

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Deposit Services

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Business Credit Card

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Integrated Payables

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Lockbox Services


Over $4.9 Billion in Assets

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Industry Specializations

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4,200 Volunteer Hours

Security First—and Always

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Let’s Talk About What’s Next. Call or Email to Connect with Your Team.