January 19, 2018

Cybersecurity Tips

Protecting Your Data
Protecting Your Data

Cybersecurity best practices constitute an expansive list of things to do.  While in-depth security measures need to be implemented and managed by experts, you don’t need to be a cybersecurity pro to employ smart online safety habits that can go a long way in guarding against online crime. Small and simple steps, like the ones listed below, are just as important in helping to protect your data.

Stop. Think. Connect.

  • Click with care. Cybercriminals love to use holiday shopping and travel scams to gain access to information and computer systems. Scammers try to lure you to copycat websites of well-known brands or retailers by advertising great deals on hot-ticket items on social media sites or through search engines. Their goal: to deliver malware to your computer, steal your credit card number, or “phish” for personal information.
  • Lock it up! Never leave a device unattended and be sure you have strong passwords.
  • Search for the “S.” Look for the “https” instead of “http” on the web address of the payment page before you enter a credit card number or other personal information. The “s” stands for a secure connection which reduces the chance of online scams.
  • Connect with Caution. Most public Wi-Fi networks are not secure, so think twice before shopping or banking while on public Wi-Fi. Disable automatic Wi-Fi and Bluetooth before leaving home.
  • Download Updates. Installing updates can add new security patches to your apps, operating systems, anti-virus software, and other important programs. Be sure to download updates only from the official app provider.

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