Electronic Documents Online Statements and Notices Agreement

By selecting "Accept" you are agreeing and authorizing River City Bank to provide access to periodic Statements and Notices for your River City Bank account(s) by electronic means on the terms set forth in this Agreement. You understand and agree that by requesting electronic access, you WILL NOT receive Statements and Notices in paper form delivered by regular United States Postal Service mail. You agree that electronic access to your Statements and Notices as provided herein will satisfy River City Bank’s requirements to provide you periodic statements and notices regarding activity in your account(s).

River City Bank’s electronic statements and notices will contain all the same information that your current paper statements and notices contain. You will have the same opportunities to contact us about any errors or problems as you have with your paper statements.

Accessing your Online Statements and Notice

  1. Once you have consented to receive online statements and notices, paper form delivery is discontinued immediately and you will receive only electronic statements and notices for the current cycle.
  2. When your online statement or notice is ready, you will receive an alert notification email that your document (s) is/are available to view on River City Bank’s Commercial Cash Management System. Your online statement or notice will not be sent to you by email.
  3. Statement and online alert notifications will be sent to the Commercial Cash Management Mail and Alerts area and to your preferred destination (s) which may be your primary email address, secondary email address and/or text message phone number. You can select one or more preferred destinations for statement and notice alerts on the Manage Alerts page within the Administration menu.
  4. If you have more than one River City Bank account you must select a delivery preference for each account via the Statements and Documents page through the Reports > Online Documents menu.

Invalid email addresses I Returned email

If an email is identified as invalid on our system, statements and notices will continue to deliver the documents to your online account. It is your responsibility to notify River City Bank via Manage Contact Preferences page through the Administration >Self Administration menu anytime you have a change to your email address.

Cancellation of Online Statement and Notice

If you later decide that you prefer to have paper statements or notices mailed to you, you can reinstate paper documents by updating the document delivery method through the Reports > Online Documents menu.

We reserve the right to send promotional information with your electronic notices and statements, as permitted by law.

CCM Online Statement and Notice Agreement