California Notice to Applicants/Employees Regarding Collection of Personal Information

River City Bank (RCB) collects certain types of personal information from you, the job applicant/employee/contractor, as part of the employment relationship and/or hiring process. Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”), the California Privacy Rights Act of 2020 (“CPRA”), and other California privacy laws, any terms defined in the CCPA/CPRA (collectively, the “Act”) have the same meaning when used in this notice. RCB hereby provides you notice of the categories of personal information it has collected or will collect about its job applicants/employees/contractors as part of the employment relationship and/or hiring process, and the purposes for which it collects such information. This information is used for internal purposes only. RCB does not sell your personal information.

View our California Consumer Privacy Act Policy

The Act provides applicants and employees with certain rights, which may include:

  • Knowledge of information collected
  • Deletion of information collected
  • Opt-out of information collected
  • Opt-in of information collected
  • Correction of information collected
  • Not to be discriminated or retaliated against for exercising rights under the law.

Where We Obtain Information About You.

RCB may collect information about you from the following sources: (1) you; (2) prior employers, references, recruiters, job-related social media platforms; (3) third-party companies, such as background check companies, drug testing facilities; and (4) claim administrators and investigators. Depending on RCB’s interactions with you, we may or may not collect all of the information identified about you.

The Personal Information That We Collect.

The following are the categories of personal information that RCB may collect about its employees/job applicants/contractors. RCB collects this information to facilitate the hiring and employment process, including verifying your identity, supporting human resources procedures, and ensuring internal security. Not every category will apply to every job applicant/employee/contractor. Some such information may be considered “sensitive personal information” under the Act.

  • Identifiers, including real name, social security number, driver’s license number, and contact information;
  • Educational and employment background and professional credentials;
  • Biometric information;
  • Medical records;
  • Demographic data;
  • Data regarding responses to employment application screening questions and/or assessments;
  • Military or Veteran status (this is collected on a voluntary basis); and
  • Geolocation data.

How Your Personal Information is Used.

RCB may use Personal Information for various business purposes and as permitted by California and federal law:

  • For hiring, retention, and employment purposes
  • To operate, manage, and maintain RCB’s business
  • To otherwise accomplish RCB’s business purposes and objectives, which may include for:
    • Conducting research, analytics, and data analysis
    • Maintaining our facilities and infrastructure
    • Quality and safety assurance measures
    • Conducting risk and security controls and monitoring
    • Protecting confidential and trade secret information
    • Detecting and preventing fraud
    • Performing identity verification
    • Performing accounting, audit, and other internal functions, such as internal investigations
    • Complying with the law, legal process, and internal policies
    • Maintaining records and claims processing
    • Responding to legal requests for information and subpoenas
    • Exercising and defending legal claims
  • Any other purposes authorized by California or Federal law.

The above are examples of potential uses. RCB may or may not have used Personal and Sensitive Personal Information about you for each of the above purposes.

Selling of Personal Information.

RCB does not sell your personal information.

Data Retention Periods.

RCB retains Personal Information about you for 6 years, unless a shorter or longer period is required by California or Federal law.

Changes to Notice of Collection.

RCB reserves the right to amend this Notice of Collection at any time. When RCB makes any changes to this Notice of Collection, it will notify you by email, through a visible notice on its Careers webpage, or in its business location.

Revised 7/2023