October 15, 2018

Security News – Smishing Alert


The use of text message to communicate with the public can be useful and efficient; however, it also opens the door for potential text message scams, also known as Smishing. With the increased use of text messages for communication, we want to remind you of security precautions you should take to keep your personal and bank account information safe.

What is Smishing?

Scammers are now targeting potential victims with text message scams sent via shortcodes and links. Shortcodes are used by legitimate businesses to send messages to customers; examples include airline ticket confirmations, identity verification, and routine account alerts. However, shortcodes and links can also contain malicious malware which can install on your phone. Once installed, the malware app can log your keystrokes, steal your identity, or hold valuable files for ransom. It is imperative to be vigilant when reading and responding to text messages. Following are tips for protecting yourself against the rise of smishing scams.

What you can do to protect yourself?

  • Government agencies, banks, or other legitimate businesses will never request personal or financial information via text message.
  • Be skeptical of any text message you receive from unknown senders.
  • Take your time. Smishing scams work by creating a false sense of urgency by demanding an immediate response.
  • Never click on links or call phone numbers in unsolicited text messages.
  • Do not respond to smishing messages. Responding verifies that your phone number is active and encourages scammers to keep trying.
  • Delete the message from your phone.

Again, keep in mind that River City Bank will never ask for your personal information by email or text. Your personal and financial security is our top priority. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your account information or communication you have received from River City Bank, please do not hesitate to reach out to a customer service representative at (916) 567-2899 or (800) 564-7144.

To learn more about how to protect your personal information, visit the River City Bank Safety & Security page.

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